Why Are Music Important? 7 Reasons

Why Are Music Important? 7 Reasons

In this day, we live in an era of globalization. We are growing in technology, education, economy, arts, and culture. Those factors can have any effect on human life, like the way we are thinking and behaving. Many factors make humans and the world change, but some factors make this world beautiful, including music.

Humans always listen to music. However, most of them do not realize that music can affect their body and mind. They also don’t know that music and sound waves at the right frequency can solve the problem and improve their quality of life, and this is why the piece is critical to us. You can listen to music using best bluetooth speaker.

1. For education

Music is an essential factor for learning. With music, a person can be focused and have an efficient manner. By playing music, a person can train the right brain so that there is a balance between the right and left brain, which will balance and improve one’s quality of life. Learning music at this time also serves to enhance the quality in non-academic fields. Nowadays, it is not only academics that counts, but also the skills that a person has.

2. For human health

This kind of treatment is commonly referred to as “Music Therapy.” Music therapy has many benefits, including treating people with mental disorders, relieving pregnancy disorders, post-stroke care, normalizing blood pressure, overcoming chronic insomnia, and many more.

3. Consolation

By listening to music or playing music, it can give different reactions to everyone. Research at McGill University Montreal shows that listening to music can trigger the release of the hormone dopamine.

4. For Psychology

Music not only expresses feelings but also has many other benefits for life. Consider the following benefits of music for human psychology.

Music has been widely claimed to have many good benefits for the body, especially the brain because listening to music or playing a musical instrument can boost your mood. Playing a musical instrument also has other uses, and that’s why the piece is critical to your psychology.

5. Sharpen your mind

Playing music is an excellent therapy for exercise for the brain. Whatever theme you play turns out to trigger several parts of the brain to react. Especially when playing the guitar, it will improve brain function and cognitive stimulation. When playing music, you have to focus on several things, such as reading chords, balancing notes, to pressing and strumming.

6. Improve coordination

When playing a musical instrument, our eyes and hands will coordinate better and sharply. This good coordination will help improve several things; for example, when you play basketball requiring hand-eye coordination, you can control it better than anyone else who can’t play music.

7. Helps relieve stress

A study shows that playing music at different speeds can reduce stress. If you got a situation that pressures you a lot, try playing your favorite song for a moment to help your mind to be calm. Playing music apparently can reduce cortisol levels in the body. Music can affect physiological activities in the body, such as heart rate to blood pressure.

8. Relieve anxiety disorders

Playing music can be relaxing and relieve a great distraction. The benefits of this music are usually felt by cancer patients who are undergoing treatment. With music, the patient will feel calmer, so she has a positive mind to be an optimist and speed up the healing process.


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