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Simple Ways to Drill a Hole in the Wall

To drill a hole in the wall can be a difficult task. You must know the proper techniques to drill holes in different types of the wall surface. You can also check some best drill machines to buy from amazon. Walls can be made up of different materials. Such as it can be made of wood or it can be made of glass or it can be a concrete wall or it can be plasterboard. You must know to choose the proper drilling tool for different types of walls.  this is done on the basis of the work which is carried out as a whole and the right intent for which it is worked through. Making a hole in the wall can be really worked out but then if you have a worked up management then it can be good enough for you to know the details.

In case of a wooden wall:

If you have to drill a hole in a wooden wall, you have to use a spur point bit. This type of bit is also known as a wood bit. These bits have two raised spurs with a central section in the middle. The sharp pointed tip of the tool helps to keep the bit drill straight in the wood. This type of drilling tool is useful for drilling holes in hollow walls or any plastic material. Spur point bits work very quickly and the sides of the hole made by them are clean and parallel. The sharpening of the spur point is done by hand with the use of a grindstone or fine file.  spur point.jpg

In case of a glass wall: tile drill bit.jpg

If you have to drill a hole in a glass wall or a ceramic wall or a tile wall, you have to use a tile bit. This bit can penetrate the walls without damaging the wall material. The tips of the tile bit are of carbide and look like a spear. The spear-like tip helps the tool to cut through the hard materials. The sharpening of the tool is difficult due to the hard carbide curved cutting edge.

In case of a concrete wall: masonary bit.jpg

If you have to drill a hole in a concrete or stone wall, you have to use a masonry drill bit. The tip of the bit is made of tungsten carbide that helps in cutting through hard materials, such as brick or stone walls. Most of the masonry bits are used with a hammer action to drill in the wall. While drilling a hole in the wall with masonry bits, slowly rotate the bit to avoid the overheating of the bit. This bit is sharpened with a drill sharpener.

In the case of plasterboard:

If you have to drill a hole in the plasterboard, you have to use a drywall bit. A drywall bit is used to drill holes in the smooth walls. If the wall sounds hollow, then these bits work best to drill holes. To hang anything with a drywall anchor it should be placed firmly by a screwdriver to maintain the strong grip.

Then it is the step to locate the positions on the wall to make the holes. You must know which are the preferable and safe positions to drill a hole in the wall.

Do not drill over or near electrical wires. To prevent any sort of harm and risk you must stay away from drilling in the places of switch outlets. You must be very careful while searching for the electric areas. Even a small careless activity would be dangerous for your life. electric wire.jpg

You can use wire detectors to find out the wires before you start to drill in the wall.

Mark the position you need to drill a hole in the wall. Before starting the bit to drill in the wall, mark the point with a pencil or removable marker so that it does not leave any mark after the work is complete. marking.jpg

If you have to make two holes in the same line parallel to each other, you can use a measuring scale or a tape to mark the positions of the properly spaced holes. You can make a cross sign or a dot over the wall to make out the exact position while drilling.

Drilling a hole in the wall by the drill bit has some methods and they are done with some safety measures. Such as –

The process of drilling produces a lot of dust. These specs of dust can be allergic to many people. To avoid inhaling this dust or to avoid any sort of irritation from this dust, you can wear a dust mask. Safety equipment for eyes, such as safety goggles, is also necessary to prevent the choking of dust particles in the eyes. goggles.jpg

Checking the safety measures before starting drilling activity is essential.

The next step is to put the drilling tool in the exact position as marked earlier. Place the driller perpendicularly to the wall and start drilling. Slowly press the bit against the wall so that it enters the wall and makes a hole. Stop the drill when you reach the required position and size of the whole. d.jpg

Then place the hook or an anchor inside the drill hole. The anchor must be placed firmly inside the hole so that it can securely hold the screw put inside it.

Once the processes are complete hang your selected items from the hook or fasten the items together with the screw.…

7 ridiculously cool gadget you will want to buy immediately

Well, one of the best things about technology is it keeps evolving and in every kind of way, making your daily life, personal life, public life more and more easy and fun. But this also means that sometimes they can be totally absurd to even think about. Gadgets were basically made to give us an easy time when we do our work and helping us to finish them quickly right? But for some people, it’s not just that they want it to be fun too and they don’t care sometimes what they end up being like. Well, to be honest, I don’t care too, so let’s check our pick of most ridiculously cool gadgets.

Nanoleaf Rhythm light

Talk about making your home awesome and your room super cool. If you want that to happen with you too, then you need this light. It will change your room and make it super awesome as soon as you saw this you sure want to take it home. It’s a wall decoration light that sticks to the wall and you can give it any shape that makes it a rectangle, triangle or into your logo. Connects with an app give any color lighting you want your NanoLeaf light, also it plays with the rhythm of music it will dance with your rhythm. What else do you need? get this right now in your room, studio or hall and have the best and coolest lighting decoration you will ever see.

Beddi glow

Imagine waking up in an open place where the sun rays directly fall to your eyes to wake you up. Won’t that be awesome? Well, some people do that by being in their building only, no kidding with Beddi glow you can too. It’s a lamp, clock, weather forecaster, and have wireless speaker. Now when you wake up it will shine and give you a natural sunrise light directly to you comes with app connectivity. You can even choose long distance relationship lamps for your love. As soon as you wake up you get the weather news and the Beddi glow also have a night light to make you have a nice sleep at night time. So if you need that to that will gently wake you up with a great sunrise light and mood, make sure to get your Beddi glow now.

Floating plant pot

Okay, this was the one that even I have to take time to believe in before this I saw only dynamo and some other magician making things levitate in air. The floating plant pot is basically based on the idea of a plant found in Sweden that needs no soils and can grow in air with the help of airborne. The inventors room that idea and make this super innovative and really will make you say wow when you see this for the first time. The pot is a 12 edge and side pot giving a very cool shape and the base of the pot above which this pig float made up of oak. With the help of magnetic power, they made this float in the air and also rotate while it’s floating.

Floating light bulb

Yep, things are getting out of my hand too, the same people above said why stop at the plant pot only let’s make the source of your indoor light fly too. So they went to their lab or wherever they make this thing and with same process, they made this light LED bulb which doesn’t need anything like electronic charge to use it. The light bulb can be replaced too, but probably it won’t happen soon the bulb gives you the running power of 50,000 hours. That is half a day life 11 years, every day you can use it for 12 hours till 11 years. The bulb can be switched on and off by just giving a slight touch at the corner of its wooden oak board.

VIEU rechargeable doorbell

The one I would recommend you to have or to get for your safety and help to live your life. Imagine a bell that will give you surveillance of what’s going on outside your door, who is coming and who’s there. Everything will be connected to your phone the best thing will be it will be like a video call so no matter where you are. Whether in your room or someplace far from your home it will call you and let you see who is at the door and you can speak also form the voice device inside. It will also take snapshots or recordings of the people who are trying to get inside your house without your permission. So you can send it to the police and get them caught.

Back to the Roots

These people are just not stopping, the next one called back to the roots which is a self-cleaning fish tank. The tank is great to have stones and other stuff included and comes with fish coupons too. The best thing about this it grows microgreen on the top of the tank which helps keep the tank clean and the fish waste will keep the plant alive and healthy. So this is a perfect gift for anyone especially a teacher or maybe a person who loves gardening or someone who loves fish.

LIFX Wi-Fi smart LED light bulb

This one is the last one for today and also a great product to check the LED bulb gives you over 16 million color choices and shades to choose from. If you use this just as decoration and use it for 3 hours only in a day it will last almost 23 years, 22.8 years to be exact. Comes with built-in Alexa control, google assistant and etc. So you can control this wireless bulb with your voice and change the color of light.…