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15 Low Maintenance Plants that will Thrive your Office

15 Low Maintenance Plants that will Thrive your Office

When you are working 8 to 10 hours a day in a cube office you need some fresh things to loosen up all the tension inside your brain and might want to have something refreshing for you to see when you are working, what’s the better things to have that beside a plant, that will make you feel better and make your cubicle a little more greener and beautiful.

Now if you are planning to get a plant you need to consider that you can not buy something big and something that needs a lot of care, because you are there for just 8 hours or 10 hours Max, so you might want to check some of the low maintenance plants that Don’t need that much caring and will not take much space in your desk, and because of that we brought you 15 best plants that will make your office better.

Aloe Vera: used as a medical plant and skincare plant it really is great to sit around your office without taking much space and the plant doesn’t take much caring just sunlight and water when it’s fully dried.

Boston fern: the plant is really great for indoor spacing and will not take much space either, it’s the plant that you usually see inside home balconies hanging around as it don’t need direct sunlight and can’t tolerate direct sunlight it’s great for having inside of your office cabinet.

Asparagus fern: the plant is likely related to the name of the vegetable asparagus, it’s an evergreen plant that grows up to 3ft tall if given water regularly and if you have a little bigger office or extra space you can consider having this plant for sure.

Philodendron: the plant is ideal and is a kind of small tree plant which lets you have greenery in your office with not taking way too much space and it only needs water when the top layer of the soil starts to get dry and can be placed in sunlight or indoors.

English Ivy: English ivy is a vine kind of plant that do need a little care when it comes to watering but not too much can be easily grown in any indoor place and it helps get rid of the harmful chemicals in the air that can be dangerous to humans also known as formaldehyde.

Cast-Iron Plant: this is really a great plant for your office comes in varieties that can be dwarf that means easy to put in the office and it’s good with any kind of light and should be avoided from direct sunlight, it can survive without daily watering but on spring days it does need daily watering.

ZZ Plant: popularly known as emerald plant, is an attractive plant that grows in 18 degree Celsius to 26 degree Celsius and is really great indoor plant and the best thing is it grows easily in low lighted area and can survive on its own without water for 4 months.

Snake Plant: the plant is great for indoors as it is low maintenance plant and can stay without water for weeks and still look tall and green, the plant works great in low light and indirect sunlight perfect low maintenance plant for your office.

Bamboo Palm: the plant is great for office and will decorate your desk pretty well although the plant needs more sunlight but can be grown indoors too, but they do need filtered water to drink at room temperature not too hot or not too cold that will keep them green.

Peace Lily: the white lily flowers can be the best decoration thing in your desk as the plant don’t ask for much sunlight or water it’s really beautiful, and make sure if the leaves get brown means you need to get it into a place where the sunlight is low.

Wandering Jew: looking for a colorful option try having this plant at your office doesn’t need much water or sunlight at all and will not die easily and will give you a colorful plant.

Parlor Palm: it’s one of the best affordable plants and the best indoor plant can grow Up to 2m tall but the process is very slow needs to be put above 20’C temperature.

Jade Plant: one of my favorite plants to have indoors is jade plant as it is cute and small don’t take much space it’s almost like a bonsai tree and can survive into moderate light.

Moss terrariums: one of the best decorative plants and don’t need any care the moss will be bought online and Easily set up by you on your own desk without any problem.

Areca Palm: another one is areca palm that is known for its curvy design leave and also named butterfly palm cuz of that it’s a great indoor plant that can be well grown in indirect sunlight.…