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10 Best Islands In Europe That You Probably Haven’t Heard Of It Yet

10 Best Islands In Europe That You Probably Haven’t Heard Of It Yet

When it comes to Europe we have know Europe for its historical cultures monuments great architecture building and all those castles that Europe has to offer with many great opera house and festival, but what you don’t know that Europe is not just about those things about hills, buildings, artwork, monument and culture there are some great islands that not most of the people know about when they go to Europe.

We got you some best of European islands that not everyone knows, so you won’t make the same mistake that some people who visited Europe did.

Capri Island, Italy

Capri Island is an island located in the bay of Naples, the island was made by the Greeks in the time of Roman Empire and it’s a beautiful shape and a must-visit place when it comes to islands, it is an island where you are guaranteed to have the most alluring view ever in the whole European island and it has a lot more to offer you with its amazing coz hotels and really delicious cuisine and awesome Center for shopping so you will have the time of your life once you visit the Capri island.

And you can see the natural beauty of the island, the sea and the beaches and offers you great scenery of the blue grotto if you don’t know what that is it’s a part of the ocean that appears electric blue when you look at it and it seems magical when you look at it with your eyes.

Crete, Greece

Crete is Greece ‘s largest island and a great place to discover the history from ancient Greek people, it has been highly populated cuz of the ancient culture and civilization the island is known because of its terrain of the white sand beaches and the white mountains and also of his ancient birthplace of Zeus.

The Minoan people from ancient times had made many relics and monuments that still placed in the capital museum and can be seen by tourists so you can go and enjoy the beaches have fun enjoy the sea view check the relics and the history of this island.

Ibiza, Spain

The island is not that unknown to the world and not very well known either, this beautiful island in Spain at Mediterranean sea is known for its lifestyle and especially it’s night lifestyle in Ibiza town, with having major nightclubs to party hard and enjoy the night and many singles also you can get there.

It also has the peace in its home of peaceful villagers with beaches and other natural spots that you can find out the place is covered with hills.

The port of Ibiza is considered one of the world heritage sites by UNESCO itself, so if you want to party hard and have fun while enjoying the beaches and peace and great bars and hotels with delicious food you have to visit the island of Ibiza.

Madeira, Portugal

Yes, the home of Christiano Ronaldo the greatest player in soccer history.

The Madeira Island in Portugal has to offer so much more other than the famous player, it is the home of ancient culture and the churches and palaces and many other places to experience and many of them have been considered the world’s heritage sites by UNESCO so you will have great fun there for sure, the prices here are not that high while the tourist counts is not that much and that’s why it makes a must-go places with all the beaches, great resorts, super historical culture you have to go to the island of Madeira in Portugal.

Sicily, Italy

We are back to another island in Italy, Sicily is the largest island in the whole Mediterranean sea, the island is rich in its culture and history and temples and different kinds of ancient monument.

Once you get to Sicily you will not just have beaches, resorts, and hotels, you will find yourself in a place with lots of culture where you can go and experience the valleys of temples, the ruins of 7-monumental the Greek-style temples, Byzantine mosaics, and former royal chapel and so much more so when you go to Sicily you will have a lot of things to see and learn.

Mykonos, Greece

The island of Greece has been gaining popularity slowly and slowly the island you can see the great White House at the coastline giving the idea of the culture you will see here the island is full of Greek culture and also offers you a great view with many super awesome beaches to go and have fun in. The beaches here offer you great bars and music that often attracts the DJs From all over the world so get ready to party hard when you in Mykonos and also get ready to see some great landmarks like the 16th-century windmill on the hill and many more.…