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Top 5 Best Office Projectors To Buy In India

Top 5 Best Office Projectors To Buy In India

Everyone does love a big-screen display, but it cost a lot to buy a big screen TV or even a desktop. There’s nothing to worry about nowadays. Projectors are on a trend due to their decent service they provide and affordability to the pocket.

Projectors come in different varieties and affordability.

Colour clarity

  • Colour clarity is one of the most important things that you might consider on your television. Projector screens come with a different type of mechanism with a decent projector screen, making the color look decent and does not make them warm or cold.
  • Colour clarity and color fidelity are one of the most important things that make an image.


  • The projector screen does not ruin the projection screen by decreasing the pixel quality if, in case you have a high-quality projector, it will not reduce any pixel quality and show as much as 1080p screen on the surface.


  • Projectors are portable, which is one of the most significant advantages that you will consider buying them. Different kinds of projectors can indirectly connect to your Chromecast devices and showcase some movies from your favorite streaming apps such as Amazon Prime or Netflix.
  • Cinema-grade projectors are also available under the affordable grade of pricing, which can showcase a large screen for projector view.
  • Projectors have an inbuilt speaker or smart speaker, which can work as in portable speakerphone as well.

BenQ MS535P SVGA Business and Classroom Projector


  • BenQ is a big brand dealing with computer accessories and premium range products.
  • It has 2.38 kg of weight and is lightweight as compared to others on the same list.
  • The product dimensions are 24.1 x 33.2 x 9.9 cm, which is compact on you can easily handle and carry it around.
  • It comes within the images factor ratio of native 4:3, which can showcase a decent amount of screen on the surface.
  • BenQ comes with an image contrast ratio of 15000: 1, which gives us low and high contrast images.
  • BenQ comes with a USB port that can be used for multiple purposes.
  • It comes with Bluetooth technology, which can directly be connected to your mobile devices and services.
  • It comes with an ac power source, which is easier to use and safer as well.
  • It comes with an operating distance of 10 free, which is good enough if you are looking for a Bluetooth projector screen.
  • It also comes in the VGA cable and power cord.
  • It has a minimal design with an all-white body. It comes with a transparent glass panel over the projection screen.
  • It has a minimal design all over the body and has 15 + socket over the back panel.
  • It comes with rubberize roller wheels over the end.
  • It comes with a small-scale LED screen on the top and has a button panel, which can customize the projector.
  • Image Aspect Ratio= Native 4:3 (5 aspect ratio selectable)
  • There is a cylindrical design with a dual-tone finish.

Anker Smart Portable

Anker Smart Portable

  • Anker provides premium finish Wi-Fi wireless projector under the affordable range.
  • It weighs 472 grams, which is one of the lightest portable projectors out there.
  • It has a product dimension of 6.8 x 6.8 x 12 cm and is decent as it is very compact and handy to use.
  • It comes with a memory storage capacity of 8GB and can store multiple media.
  • It comes within DDR3 SDRAM, which can quickly provide us with seamless connectivity and processor speed.
  • It has a DLP display technology with a screen size of 100 inches, which can provide a proper viewing angle.
  • It has a process account of 4 in can work nicely in necessary conditions.
  • Batteries: =1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
  • Item model number =D4111111
  • It comes with then Omni speaker grill, which is audible from everywhere.
  • It has a matte finish over the top side, and a grilled pattern finishes over the downside.
  • It comes with a touch screen panel over the top.
  • It comes with the nebula branding on the grill pattern.
  • It also has a streaming connection that can showcase your display screen from your application, but it does need Android 7 or higher.
  • It also has an HDMI and DLP technology installed.
  • It also comes with noise cancellation with active and passive noise cancellation system both.
  • The company provides 5-volt voltage support.
  • Noise level of 30 DB with active and passive voice cancellation.
  • It comes with an aspect ratio of 16:9.
  • It comes within the pocket-friendly design and can support Bluetooth connectivity seamlessly.
  • Due to its premium built, it is waterproof and dustproof as well.

Epson EB-X05 XGA

Epson EB-X05 XGA

  • Epson is a big brand dealing with computer accessories and printing technology.
  • It weighs 2.5 kg, which is on the higher end as compared to others on the same list.
  • It comes with LCD technology, which can showcase decent screen quality and colors.
  • It comes with composite video software and a USB 2.0 connectivity within seamlessly deliver your data to the projector to showcase it on the screen.
  • It has a 37 decibels level, which is the highest in this category and can provide active and passive noise cancellation.
  • The built-in speaker is loud enough to be audible in the whole room.
  • The only drawback is the availability of only one USB port, which also offers the lower class.
  • It does have a remote, but you cannot connect to your Bluetooth device.
  • It is a wired product and is heavyweight but a perfect fit for office use.

Play New 3D

Play New 3D

  • Play is a premium range of projectors that are available in the market under a higher price range.
  • They have a premium finish with dual-tone black shades.
  • They come with a brightness of 7000 lumens, which is good enough if you want to use it in a direct light area.
  • It weighs 2 kg, which is on the midrange as compared to the device length and breadth.
  • It has a DlP digital processor, which can showcase all that I am your mobile phone buy wireless connectivity.
  • It has a projection mode of different types, including a mirror mode and a back-projection mode.
  • It also comes with an LCD over the top.
  • The play has a portability functionality, which means that you don’t need any wired connections if you want to run it. It does have a removable battery or a Bluetooth connection with wireless connectivity.
  • It has an image with technology under an angle of 360 degrees.
  • It comes with a 3D technology, which means you can easily enjoy active shutter 3D images or videos using their original 3D glasses.
  • It has a contrast ratio, which can easily showcase some decent amount of movies and the addition ratio for screen resolution.

PLAY™ LED HD Projector

PLAY™ LED HD Projector

  • It comes with an HD projector screen with 5500 lumens, which can light up a dark room.
  • They have a full HD resolution support and also has a mall mount and tabletop accessories.
  • They also come within LED display technology, which can showcase some true colors.
  • It is a Bluetooth type projector and can work without wires.
  • It has seamless connectivity under 12 feet.
  • It has a small body design with a compact finish to it.
  • It has a single tone black finish with silver lining finish over the corners.
  • It comes within a large 180mm glass screen protector over the projector screen.
  • It also has subwoofers attached to it.
  • It also comes within wireless connectivity.
  • It also comes with different cables supports and audio jack support.

How to learn the Malayalam Language in Fast & Easy Way

Listening is the key to understanding a new language, and people say that they are difficult to learn Malayalam, because when we speak, we mix a couple of words into one word that is spoken in one breath that makes it difficult for people unfamiliar with this culture. It is the basic cultural learning that goes rightly into your reigns which you can learn easily.

This says that, if you learn the basics, English to Malayalam typing may be the easiest language to learn if you have the correct approach.

About Malayalam

The language of Dravidi has approximately 38 million speakers, primarily from South-West India, particularly the Lacadi Islands, the Bahrain, the Fiji Island, Israel, Malaysia, Qatar, Singapore, the United Arab States and the United Kingdom.

Malayalam had been first composed with Vatteluttu alphabet, meaning “large type” that was rendered of the Brahmi script. The alphabet was formed by Malayalam. Malayalam’s oldest known written text is the Vazhappalli or the Vazhappalli tablet, it is written in the Alphabet Vatiluttu and dates back to around 830 AD.

In the 1970s and 1980s, a simplified or reformed version of the manual was introduced as a consequence of the difficulties of printing Malayalam. Instead of complex characters, the main change included separate vowels and verb endings. Such improvements are not consistently applied, so that the new script still consists of a mixture of old and modified letters.

Malayalam is also written by Muslims regularly in Singapore, Malaysia and sometimes by Muslims in Kerala in the Arabic script. Christians in Kerala used to compose the Syrian script for Malayalam and use a number of Malayalams known in their hymns as Suriyani Malayalam.

Grammar Notes

There is no equal interpretation. Grammar reminders, color coding, and apps focusing on specific grammatical distinctions between the language aim and source improve your comprehension of the language structure in Malayalam.

Culture Notes

Label, language of the body, gestures–put the mood in place. Cultural notes provide the backdrop to learning material and give life to the culture of Malayalam, establishing deeper links and giving a positive impression to Malayalam culture.


Critical thinking and memory building exercises integrate new vocabulary with curriculum developments, so that you can grasp your desired phrase framework so that you can incorporate new content in a variety of contexts throughout the course.

Learn to Express

It’s not difficult to learn something. So long as you make the best move, develop enthusiasm, and spend time, it can be achieved.

  1. Prepare after viewing a few YouTube videos to write and read Malayalam alphabets on your own and inspire your workers to chat with you in Malayalam. The aim should be to read / write / speak and you would get there.
  2. Buy and learn a few Amazon books called’ Master Malayalam by English.’ Reading, reading and writing. Writing, working and publishing.
  3. Watch Malayalam films, especially Mohanlal films, without subtitle. His emphasis is on gold.
  4. Watch news channels in Malayalam.
  5. Get a social media buddy or a Malayalam language teacher who can teach you for a fee online. Skype’s going to function.

The Malayalam app can be downloaded from the play-store or you can just buy a book that converts Malayalam into English. The easiest way to speak Malayalam, though, would be to talk to someone who actually knows this language to correct you if the pronunciation is wrong, which can occur very often because the Malayalam script has certain additional alphabets that other language consumer may have difficulty pronouncing.

Nouns & Pronouns:

These words indicate names, places, stuff, animals etc., and you can easily use Google to build your vocabulary. Know your name, special / plural shapes and male and female identities when you know a certain word, too. If you learn the word “man,” for example, find out what the word “woman,” “he,” “men” and “females” means. You will develop a simple yet comprehensive vocabulary in this way quickly.

Verbs & Tenses:

These are words that describe acts such as arriving, leaving, chatting, drinking, sitting, standing and so on. You must also learn their tense shapes when learning the equivalent words. Of starters, you should also notice that when you know the word of’ Go.

Sentence structure:

The next step is to frame the words into a sentence once you learn. You must first understand the structure of the sentence of the language. Essentially, these are items such as’ where is the substantive/verb?’ Start, center or finish?’ Watching films will help you learn yourself, but a friend comes handy here.

Using basic tutorials for YouTube, you can begin by pronouncing letters and making simple sentences.

The next move is to get around the Malayalis. You start to understand phrases based on the situation when you hear their talk, and also recognize how you use various slang words that no books or videos can tell.


Those who also know how the grammar of their native language functions and can clarify their problems and do a lot to talk to themselves, particularly by having Malayalam speakers. Nothing, Internet, e-mail. Buy a good grammar book or find a good grammar website and a dictionary for Malayalam to adopt.

I’d go about it that way. Connection with native speakers will always be the best way. Seek to use the words, even if you sound like a completely idiot, as much as possible. Pain is the force of races.…

3 Stretches you must do Every Day if you Work on a Computer all-day

3 Stretches you must do Every Day if you Work on a Computer all-day

These days when people are busy working and getting busy with their life we forget the consequences we been putting us in, well almost every person that is working and having a job is sitting for 8 hours doing both in ng just working on the computer, which is not really good for our body, wait eyes?

Don’t worry about them those can be protected by wearing glasses there are many glasses just so you can protect the eyes when you work on a computer, I know about them as I’m one of those who wear them when I work on Computer as I don’t want to have weak eyesight, I look good without glasses so why would I want that to be taken away from well okay apart from this there are many serious problems That will come on sitting and working all day everyday, let’s start with the most common one posture problem Yepp I’m talking about your bent back and that will be really a problem, back pain, muscle pain, stiff hips and many others that will be not good.

So I will tell you the 3 stretches I found out and I do them every day it take what like 5min to 10min and you can neglect all of those very easily.

Lower back stretch: well there are not just one stretches there are many varieties of them you can do what you like you will find countless speech that will help you get rid of that stuff back and the bent back and help your back to stay straight all the way. Well the Stretch I do and recommend is by laying down the floor or mat getting into a crunches position and joining your legs and bending them while lifting them up high going to reverse crunches position and then by not moving your body above the waist part, try to bring your legs to on one side without separating them when you reach your maximum limit or when you reached the surface you need to hold it for 10 sec to a minute and then go to the other side doing the same thing for the same amount of time, stretching your core part that is your lower back part.

Hip Flexor stretch: another part that gets really stiffen up when you are doing work all day is your butt from sitting on the chair all day till you are working and that will make your butt so numb that you will feel you are sitting somewhere in the air, so we need to make sure you get that butt exercise done so I would recommend the Hip Flexor Stretch, well it’s not that hard for sure you must have seen lunges right? You take your one leg in from and Stretch other one back and then try going down well when you go down stop there and that’s where this Stretch began the front leg, take it out as much as you can and the back leg Stretch it out as much as you can and when you do that make sure your back is straight chest is out and hands-on your butt so you can give maximum stretch and start to lean forward without bending your back and when you reach the maximum limit hold that from 10 seconds to a minute and then the same position change the leg.

Chest stretch: one more and the last Stretch that will help you keep that slouch off your back and make you look good is the chest stretch it’s one of the simplest yet the most effective stretches for your back and chest and it’s very useful when it comes to that slouch and the posture problem, chest stretch is our last stretch that we will do and for that what you need is to stand up and get your arms out and lower core tight and straight get your arms as out as you can just like the titanic pose and then without bending your lower back or your feet stretch the arms towards the back and tilt back as you stretch that way you can get the full effect of the stretch and do this for 10 seconds to a min, I would recommend doing all the stretches twice At Least as it will not do any harm and will be beneficial for you and your back.