11 Most Beautiful Place in America you must see before you die

11 Most Beautiful Place in America you must see before you die

America is a country of too many historical monuments places that have great definition toward the nation and many war scene that still left as the same in the memory of the people that fought and died there an amazing scientific evidence and labs that showcase many inventions done by famous inventors and museums showing all of them, and with its beautiful history, culture, neighbourhood, hills, music and so many other things it’s hard not to go and visit America, but when you go and visit America you must know the places that you must see before you go back to your home and place and we got you today the 11 places you have to visit in America before you die or you will regret it.

Multnomah Falls: in the state of Oregon lies this beautiful and amazing waterfalls and one of the most photographed waterfall in the state of Oregon, the waterfall is the amazing the highest waterfall in Oregon with 620ft of height you don’t want to miss this beautiful waterfall at all.

North cascade national park: in Washington you will find this really great and beautiful North Cascade national park, it’s the home of beautiful rivers and lakes just out of Alaska and it’s the home of some amazing species as it gives the most diverse ecosystem on the planet, you will find eagles, Wolverine, grizzly bear, and moose there to look.

Grand Prismatic spring: in Wyoming at Yellowstone national park you will find this beautiful rainbow filled color hot spring it’s the biggest hot spring in the whole country, and one of the beautiful things you will ever see so make sure you get here.

Glacier National Park: Glacier National Park is located at Montana, it’s the crown jewels of the country ecosystem it cover above 16,000 sq miles of unspoiled land and wilderness, and it’s the home of many species that will you find there only as being the cleanest place I would say it’s obvious every animal wants to be there.

Na Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii: the place where you can only get by foot, boat or your helicopter, and when you get in that beautiful place you will experience the beauty of wilderness and amazing waterfalls and great scenery so you should consider going there it will be worth it.

Monument Valley, Arizona: the place is a beauty in itself, the Valley contains the beautiful red rocks that is so beautiful to watch it’s the icon image of west of America, and you must have seen this place in many movies using this location.

Katmai National Park: in Alaska you will find this beautiful park named Katmai National Park, this is the only true wilderness place in whole America and can’t be accessed by any method other than just plane and boat, this is the home of many grizzly bears and many people come to document them from all over the country.

Niagara Falls: In the modern and the most busiest city of New York lies the places known as the Niagara Falls, one of the well known waterfalls in the world and a great spot to visit in America and the spot that has been used as a location in many renowned movies, and people who want to have a closer look to the waterfall there’s this boat tour that will take you so close that you will be wet by splashes of water coming from the Niagara Falls.

Big Sur, California: how about experiencing some Italian islands shores? The Big Sur in California is known for its Mediterranean kinds of shores near and the great waterfall dividing the sands so perfectly this is a place that will give you such a beautiful experience and make you doubt that you are in America.

Maroon Bells, Colorado: the Maroon Bells in Colorado is the most photographed mountains in the whole country filled with amazing greenery and beautiful view they have been filmed and photographed by many tourists and locals, the amazing view of lakes surrounded by 14000 peaks will make your jaw drop.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan: experience the 15 miles of huge sandstone cliffs, 12 miles of sand beach and 5 sq miles of sand dunes in this amazing Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore located in Michigan, a super place to go hiking, mountain biking and fishing.

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