10 Jobs a Dog can do Better than Human

10 Jobs a Dog can do Better than Human

Dogs are the best pet animal in the world and loved worldwide and you can find them anywhere and there are many breeds of dogs that have their own features.

There are many things that your dog can do that you don’t know about and today we got you 10 jobs that a dig can do better than humans.


Well dogs are really great therapist when you think about it, no matter how stressful day you had or how sad you are feeling or the mind taking over your body and making you sound dull with many negative vibes, well your dog can fix all of that in a few seconds with some of his licks on your face or going round and round at you and making that sweet face, it’s not my personal opinion that’s what study shows people that have dog as a pet are less likely to get stressed, depressed and anxiety you dog saves you from all of those troubles and treated you without going anywhere and charging you anything talk about being best therapist ever.


well when it comes to working out and going for a run and exercise even our personal trainer can’t come home and wake up from our bed and take us running even if we don’t want, but dogs yes they can force you out of your bed and you will not be mad and make you take them for a walk and can make your habit of getting regular running or walking, what else do you need from a trainer that will wake you up and take you to do the exercise.


Well, when it comes to finding guess who loves to find bones? Dogs yes you are correct well they have senses that let them know where are the bones and important items are buried and they can dig pretty well the only setback is once they get it they probably will take it with them and go.

Ball Boy

When it comes to tennis match you must have noticed there are people when the ball drop they run and take that ball and give them to the player, well dogs can do it too and it is been going on in Brazil when they okay tennis match dogs have been doing the job of ball boy and giving the ball to the players.


When it comes to comedians I don’t think there can be anyone better than your dog, if you have a dog I can guarantee that you will laugh at least once seeing him every day and they say making people smile is not an easy task well learn from dogs they make it seem like super easy, no matter how much insensitive you are you will smile and get happy even if that is from the inside.


When it comes to the security of your house and yours too if you have a dog then you can find yourself super safe as dogs, can smell and hear things 20 times better than humans and they have a great sense of knowing when someone is trying to hurt them or hurt their owner and they will work as perfect guard watching your house if someone trying to break in and making sure everything stays safe, of you going somewhere and no one in the house don’t worry and let your dog loose he will surely save your house.


When it comes to babysitting I’m sorry to say but yeah leaving your baby to a dog will be safer than leaving the baby with any human, you must have seen how great dogs are when it comes to children they don’t care if the baby is theirs or not, all they care about that it’s a baby and need to be taken care off, dogs that have seen a baby from the day it’s born it will do anything to protect him trying fake hitting your child dog will come forward and bark at you letting you know don’t touch the baby.


When it comes to dogs, I can tell you they can take over any counselors job in a sec I mean talk about hearing you and understanding you, to whom you can share any secrets and talk about anything let your thoughts out make yourself open that you won’t be able to do with your counselors. Dog’s have a great understanding of mood and if you don’t believe me try being sad your dog will come and sit near you place his head on your lap or come to your face and lick your face or even hug you to make you feel good.


We all know how much help dogs make catching criminals every day, police can’t run that fast so what dogs are there for it someone, trying to hide some drugs and police can’t find them so what? Dogs are there if you have a dog you have the best police officer with you that will not slack off even for a second.


When you playing some kind of game or doing race or trying to okay sports try competing against your dog, don’t cry after he beat you as dogs are great at sports like swimming, running, hurdle race, high jump and many more.

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